• Thank you for simplifying the process and for your professionalism. I have been pleased with all of the people I have interacted with at VSI on every level.–Rebecca Del Moral, O.D.

  • I just wanted to write you a quick note to thank both you and Leo for the excellent service that your company has provided. We are trying to help out some doctors who are literally in the middle of nowhere in India and have a backlog of patients and a real need for very basic equipment to take care of them. Leo was kind enough to check the back office and found some equipment that we will be able to use and your organization was kind enough to send us the equipment gratis once we provide our 501 documentation.

    I realize that you are all very busy filling orders worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. Still, the fact that someone was willing to talk to me about a small humanitarian effort like this speaks a lot about the underlying principles of your business. I will definitely encourage anyone I know that is interested in purchasing equipment for their office to get in touch with your company because I have been very impressed by both the conscientiousness and thoughtfulness of your organization. I thank you again for having such an excellent business and for staffing it with such dedicated people. Please do not hesitate to call if you have any questions and please feel free to use any of this as a testimonial on your website.

    –Jonathan D. Walker M.D. – Allen County Retinal Surgeons

  • We just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your help in the set-up and tutorial on our Essilor tracer and edger. We were given the run-around for six weeks by numerous companies before finally happening upon your company’s ad in a trade publication. It is people like yourself, and companies like yours that are great for making customer service a priority.

    –Vaughn Dzik & Corey Kreuser – Eye Deal Optical, Inc.

  • I thank you and Vision Systems, Inc. for your gracious support of the Double Harvest Ministry in Haiti.The equipment you have supplied, including the slit lamp, keratometer, intraocular pressure measuring tools, indirect ophthalmoscope, direct ophthalmoscope, and Finoff light have allowed us to work up patients for cataract surgery in the surgical eye clinic in Haiti. Before Russ Montgomery came to the clinic, there was no instrumentation to measure the visual deficit or diagnose the diseases that needed surgery. The equipment you have shared has allowed us to thoroughly examine hundreds of patients who have been blind for years. The additional provision of surgery to these patients has changed their lives. We routinely have removed difficult cataracts and placed precise intraocular lenses into their eyes to allow prompt return of vision, literally the next day. Since the average salary in Haiti is only about $1.00 per day, none of the patients could afford any eye care, or medications.

    The equipment you have provided has changed many lives, allowed men to return to work, read, see their families for the first time in years, and walk without danger. I hope that the people who work for and support Vision Systems will appreciate the value of recovery from blindness that your equipment has provided.

    Words cannot express the joy we all feel when we remove an eye patch after surgery the next day and have the patients dance around the room with glee, at being able to see again.

    –Jim Rowsey, MD

  • I just wanted to say thank you for sending Tim out to address the concerns we had and repair our edger.

    It has worked beautifully since his visit and the opticians and I are very appreciative. It’s nice to be able to trust the edger again and know the work will be done as we need. I sincerely hope you will pass on my gratitude to Tim as well as others that may have been involved with solving this issue. We couldn’t be happier with the service you’ve provided.

    –Dr. Lincoln J. Dygert – Ogden Vision Center

  • The great service via phone consults and the training/demos we received make the difference in choosing VSI vs a new edger.–Dr. Kirk Smith – Orlando Eyecare

  • I would like to thank you as well as the rest of the Vision Systems Inc. crew that assisted with the set up of my office. I have been more than pleased with the service and equipment that was delivered by your institution. In particular I would like to thank Mr. Carl Tela for his outstanding service and communication, as well as Mr. Darrel Zadar for his in-person installation and assistance with the overall setup. They were both outstanding. I will certainly use VSI again for any more office needs that arise in the future and would highly recommend VSI to any colleague.

    The transportation and installation was much easier than I expected even if it was an overseas delivery. Setting up an office can be overwhelming and thanks to VSI everything ran smoothly and much more efficiently than expected. Within 1 week I was seeing patients and the office was running smoothly. The equipment functions even better than expected and I have learned to rely on the advice given by the VSI sales team to make the office efficient and attractive to my patients. Once again thank you for your assistance, expertise, and a job well done.

    –Ricardo Santaella, M.D.

  • I have worked with many of the people at Vision Systems since before they opened their business. Our relationship has always proven beneficial in discussing ophthalmic equipment options. VSI has always offered me great service and solid equipment value. I can always count on the team at VSI to deliver, setup and train the staff to use the equipment in a relatively quick period of time. VSI has saved me quite a bit of money every time I open a new office and need state of the art technology . I highly recommend VSI for any eye care practitioner that wants great quality, superb service and a big savings!

    –Michael P. Lange OD – Lange Eye Care/ Lange Eye Institute

  • All the equipment got delivered yesterday. It looks great! In fact, the rep. from our local lens lab was in today and couldn’t believe our equipment was not brand new! I really appreciate all your help in picking out equipment, getting the financing and making sure we got it to open our office earlier than we expected!

    Marianne McDaniel – Mascoutah Eye Care

  • I wanted to thank you again for making the transaction as smooth as possible. I had one goal in mind when I went to Vision Expo this year and that was to find an auto-refractor to replace the Topcon KR 3000 I had been using in my office for 10 years. It’s been a great machine. I had a few places where I planned to look over various machines, but what sold me on the Gilras was not just the quality and price you were offering, but it was the atmosphere you create with your employees. I could just tell I was going to get better service with you than any of the other companies.

    There was a mutual feeling of trust. I just want you to know how I felt. I received the Gilras today and I will say this in a nutshell, we all love it. It meets and exceeds all expectations.–James J. Cutler, OD, CEO – INSIGHT Eye Care Vitamins

  • Over the last few weeks I’ve had serious problems with my Santinelli 7070 edger, which I purchased locally. The local service guy who sold it to me sounded clueless and, after wasting hours of our time, told me that I would need to change the motor entirely. I reluctantly decided that I would send a message to Leo Hadley Jr. of VSI who I heard about on OptiBoard. I felt guilty wasting his time since I had not bought the edger from him, but figured that perhaps a quick email wouldn’t be that egregious. He very graciously suggested that I call him the next day and that my problem would be solved. I was skeptical but when I called him the next day he literally solved the problem in 20 seconds! The man is obviously an edger genius. I wouldn’t even think of getting my next edger anywhere else.–Ilan Hartstein, M.D – La Palma Eye Care Center

  • My edger broke down and I couldn’t find anyone to help me without paying a huge fee just to diagnose the problem. So I called Jeff (VSI), although I didn’t purchase the edger from VSI, he gave me instructions to determine the problem over the phone. His Technician even e-mailed me diagrams of the machine to help me navigate the internal structures of the edger.

    If VSI gave me that type of customer service before I became a customer, I just imagined it would only get better after becoming a customer. Needless to say I purchased my newest edger from VSI and the customer service continues to be outstanding.–Eddy Naime O.D – Espinosa-Naime Vision Center

  • I would recommend Mr. Giovanni Stabile and all the Technicians of Vision Systems Inc. to all my Italian friends and colleagues. I purchased a used Optovue RTVue but with surprise I discovered an almost “like new” optical equipment saving a lot of money.

    Wonderful shipment performed by Skytruck’s air service. All was perfect thanks to the professionality of Giovanni. Now you have a new international customer and a new friend.

    –Giuseppe Mingrone –Eye Center Catanzaro, Italy

  • I absolutely love my “new” (better than new, actually) Santinelli 7070SX! I can now make lenses quickly, precisely, and effortlessly.Before I purchased this machine, I was using an old pattern-driven machine that required me to guide it every step of the way, and that could not cope with the shallow-B frames that we’re now using. I often ended up doing a lot of work by hand, and I just don’t have that kind of time. And the 7070 does a beautiful job of polishing as well. I had considered a dry edger, but was glad that I got the 7070 – it’s very quiet and smooth, and it can take down a high-minus polycarb lens in no time. I really didn’t realize just how smooth and accurate a machine could be, having come from a family business that goes back before the advent of plastic lenses and diamond wheels.Today I ran six jobs in the time it would have taken to run one or two (with all the extra hand work I had been doing), and the results are so much better – it’s far above what I had imagined! Thank you again for a great product and great service!–Robert Buonfiglio, OD – Prattville Eye Associates, LLC

    • Value A+
    • Delivery A+
    • Product A+
    • Service after Sale A++

    I highly recommend Vision Systems.

    –Kris Schrage – EyeCare Express

  • Vision Systems, Inc. is a valuable partner for providing quality ophthalmic equipment. They have consistently met my practice requirements. I have also had the ability to trade in my used equipment against my current purchases. Vision Systems has provided consistently great service that was timely and expertly handled. I recommend Vision Systems to any doctor for all of their equipment needs.–Dr. Robert Coppola – South Florida Vision of Palm Beach Inc.

  • Leo, I just wanted to thank you for your help in getting our Santinelli edger and for sending Trey to install and train our opticians. Trey is an absolutely great guy to have on your team!

    He was efficient, knowledgeable, and enjoyable to have in our office.

    –Darrell Tade, O.D. – Precision Eye Care & Optical

  • VSI is the company I think of when I need ANY equipment, new or used. Why would I buy new, when these guys are around. We bought an edger, 2 complete exam lanes, 2 auto lensometers, and some other stuff.

    You should see how they refurbish edgers. With their equipment, you don’t need one of those multi-thousand $ maintenance contracts. Just call and they tell you how to fix it. Most of the time they overnight parts too.

    –Marc Easter

  • I just wanted to comment on the install you had your techs do for me recently. I was very impressed with both techs.

    I was very impressed with Scott, especially with his attention to detail and this dedication to ensuring a satisfied customer by avoid potential problems in the future. I also appreciate his sincere attitude for customer concerns and questions. All things considered, a hell of job for his first time out. Kudos also go to Tim for his personable demeanor which makes the customer comfortable with the product purchased and the company that backs the product. Tim, like Scott, stayed back to make sure everything worked properly and I was clear on the “ins and outs” of the equipment. Overall a wonderful experience and certainly one I will pass on to my peers looking for equipment in the future.–P.T. Dinh, O.D.

  • Today I had the pleasure to meet with Leo Hadley Jr. He gave me the grand tour of Vision Systems Inc. I was in awe as I toured their facility and to see how organized they are with such a huge inventory of ophthalmic equipment for the Optometrists, Ophthalmologists, and lab facilities. If you need parts for your equipment, CALL THEM!!

    An amazing array of hundreds and hundreds of parts for your equipment. And if you are having trouble using your equipment, their staff, with over 100 years of experience, will help you out with their excellent tech support. Their refurbishing department is out of this world. When viewing the finished product, you will not be able tell the difference between the new and the used. The equipment is completely refurbished and tested to ensure 100% accuracy and customer satisfaction. In conclusion, continued success to the growth of Vision Systems Inc.–Barry Herscovitch, – SEE Shore Optical Services

  • I have known Sal Troiano for 10 years now. He helped us equip our exam lanes, pre-test room, and lab when opening Orlando Eye Center. Sal went out of his way to make sure everything was correct, and that we were satisfied. If Sal was not part of our “Game Plan”, we would not be enjoying the success we have today!

    –Dr. Tim Lincoln (Founder/President Orlando Eye Center)

  • I would highly recommend Vision Systems Inc. to anyone interested in purchasing optical equipment. I am an optometrist in a group practice outside of Providence, RI. We purchased a reconditioned HRT II with the macula package from VSI earlier this year and have been more than pleased with the service that we continue to receive.

    The HRT II was shipped from Florida to Rhode Island without any difficulty. We were impressed with the packing and pleased with the reconditioning of the instrument. It looked brand new. The set up of the machine was done with phone support from VSI. The knowledgeable technical support staff were very capable in talking us through operating the machine.

    What I think separates VSI from other companies is that they have gone out of their way to make this a good experience. They continue to provide top notch technical support. From Sal Troiano to all of the technical support staff they have been great to work with. I have been so pleased with this experience that I would go out of my way to purchase from them again in the future.–Brian Kiley O.D. – Atlantic Family Eye Care Woonsocket R.I.

  • We just wanted to Thank You for coming down and checking on our edger and installing the new parts. We appreciate your time and service. Thank You Vision Systems Inc.

    –Scott and Nicole Shettle

  • I would like to pass along some positive information about a lab equipment vendor. I purchased all of my lab equipment from Vision Systems. http://www.patternless.com/ 866-934-1090 based out of Florida. I received a great price for rebuild equipment and they came and set it all up. They include life time phone support. They will mail you the part at its cost and then talk you through the repair.

    That includes all adjustments and more. I have not spent $1 on labor since I own the machine. Even things like adjustments if off size is just a phone call away. They are friendly and wonderful to deal with. If you are replacing equipment or putting a lab in your office you will save thousands with them and the support. I hope you have the same amazing experience I am having with them. I thought it would be nice to get an up beat email instead of all the complaint ones we usually get here. Hope this information helps.

    –Ed Beja

  • Thanks again for your expertise & assistance – always above & beyond.–Rick Stevens Flagler Beach, FL Flagler Eyewear

  • I wanted to let you know we have been using the equipment in our new office for now a week and a half and have been very happy. Things have worked out very well and Darrell the installer was great to work with, especially since he is a Browns fan!! Thanks again!–David M. Anderson, OD – Ohio Optometric Association Trustee

  • My name is Dima and I would like to take my time and personally share the experience that I had with your employee over the phone. His name is Lance, I am not sure of his last name. I have done a lot of research about your company before, so when I called I was transferred to Lance. To my big surprise I was treated like a real human being. He was very honest and gave me enough time to explain my problem. I simply called to buy a calibration jig.

    With his knowledge and experience he offered me to wait on buying the jig as it can be unnecessary. He offered to walk me from step A to step Z making sure that i am on a right track. The hardest thing in world is to gain trust. Lance did a great job and gained my trust in a very short time.When i finished talking to him i realized that I am in good hands. I am not sure about other people in your company but Lance is awesome. Your company not only has good product and good service it has good people.. Whatever you do as a president please keep doing. Your company is awesome. I will share my experience with others so they know that there is great company such as VSI Inc. If possible I would like Lance to know that I left feedback. And if for some reason you need to contact me please feel free.–Dima