The technological expertise of ZEISS presents the Visante OCT system.

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The technological expertise of ZEISS presents the ZEISS Visante OCT system, with high resolution images, an exceptional design, and new LASIK information the Visante system it just as revolutionary as what has been standard in all ZEISS instruments and equipment.

Features of Visante OCT System:

Exceptional design, greater confidence

  • Clear, detailed, and in-depth images
  • Easy to use
  • Efficient
  • Images of the anterior chamber no longer require ocular anesthesia or a time-consuming water bath.

Versatile in application

  • Consistently retain highly detailed results.
  • Wide range of anterior segment applications.

Anterior segment imaging

  • Measure image using the Visante OCT analysis software before and after acquisition.
  • Pratical tools measure ocular structures-ACD, anterior chamber angles and anterior chamber diameter. (angle to angle distance)
  • Quick, reliable data for narrow angle evaluation.
  • Print with/without measurement tools and results.

Corneal Imaging and Pachymetry

  • High resolution
  • Supported documentation for ocular health.
  • Rapid pachymetry scan
  • Accurate and repeatable map result for glaucoma care.

New Lasik information

  • Visante is the first non-contact OCT to capture, measure and document both corneal flap thickness and residual stromal thickness immediately after LASIK surgery.
  • Safety and stability of Lasik flaps will not be compromised due to the Visante complete non contact system.

ZEISS visante


Single, dual and quad line scans.(16 mm x 6 mm) Adjustable in 1-Degree increments 256 A scans per line sampling 0.125 second per line acquisition time. Adjustable 8- line scan pattern(10mm x 3mm) Regional map with maximum, minimum and average values 128 A scans per line sampling 0.5 second total acquisition time. Adjustable in 1-degree increments(10mm x 3mm) 512 A scans per line sampling 0.25 seconds per line acquisition time.

Scan Types

Anterior Segments Pachymetry Map High Resolution Corneal Scan Optical Resolution Axial 18 mm Transverse (center) 60mm Amertropia Correction -35 to +20 diopters Fixation Target Internal or External Dimension/ Weight 48.5 cm( x 43.8 cm x 63.2 cm; 34.5 kg (19.1 in. H x 17.2 in. W x 24.9 in. D; 76.1 lbs) Display Intergrated 15 inch flat-panel Computer Specs Windows XP/ 3.0 GHz Pentium IV/ 1 GB memory