Topcon CA-200 Corneal Analyzer

Topcon CA-200 an easy to use, comprehensive corneal topography solution

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The Topcon CA-200 Corneal Analyzer is an easy-to-use, comprehensive corneal topography solution allowing for the complete evaluation of the anterior corneal surface. In addition to elevation mapping of the corneal surface, the CA-200 provides robust software features, allowing for a total analysis of the patient’s corneal surface.

The CA-200 can be operated as a standalone unit, or in combination with an external PC with communication driven by WiFi data acquisition (purchased seperately). The analyzer is controlled by an 8-inch touch panel monitor that makes acquisition, operation and evaluation of the cornea fast and easy. Additional software modules, such as contact lens fitting software, Zernike analysis and network viewing are available.


• On board state of the art PC allows for complete stand alone operation.
• WiFi communication with PC based software.
• Automatic “best image capture”.
• Automatic pupil recognition.
• Topographic cone 24 rings on a 43D cone.
• Measured points More than 10.000.
• Analyzed points More than 100.000.
• Corneal coverage From 0.3 to 10.5 mm.
• Dioptre range From 1 to 120 D.
• Working distance 80 mm.
• Resolution +/- 0.01;1 micron.
• Accuracy Axial 0.03 mm.
• Focusing system Auto focus and auto alignment.