Tomey RT-6000 Autorefractor Topography

Tomey RT-6000 Autorefractor Topography is a unique combination of topography, auto-refraction and keratometer in one.

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Tomey RT-6000  Autorefractor Topography

The Tomey RT-6000 is a unique combination of topography, auto-refraction and keratometer in one – multi diagnosis RT-6000 replaces three devices. The compactness of this instrument is its strength. It is therefore a perfect space – and cost saving solution. Highly accurate measurements combined with the shortened examination time and easy handling makes working with the RT-6000 both professional and quick. The advanced display invites you to a complete new world of colors and details in the diagnostic of the eye.


RT-6000 operates extremely precise within all three major functions. To avoid the disturbing shadows of nose & eyebrow on the cornea we use a small cone. Its particular purpose is to provide a large measurement area.

Two modes of RT-6000 facilitate the diagnostic of cataract & pseudophakic eyes. The cataract or IOL mode detects these anomalous states & automatically switches to the relevant mode.

A new Dual CCD Technology allows fast & exact measurements, which are close to the results of subjective methods. This precision is ensured by two specialized camera-chips with individual light paths for observation and measuring. A short examination time achieved using automatic fixation and measuring as well as multi-averaging system will pleasantly surprise you and your patient.

RT-6000 is a talented device combining all functions of three different instruments. In addition to more space in your office, your advantage is a great amount of valuable information within short time – topography with height maps and Klyce statistics, contact lens fitting with fluoresceine maps, automatic display of PD after both eyes are measured and comparison of two readings.
Dual CCD Technology Tomey RT-6000 Autorefractor Topography
The list of RT-6000 capacities is longer by far. Integrated thermal printer which is able to print even the topography maps and different ports, high-resolution TFT-Display and not least a stand-by function integrate RT-6000 into each working process.

Considering a short training period as well as simple and safe operation, the small assistant proves to be a profitable acquisition with outstanding measuring results.

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