Octopus 311 Perimeter

The Octopus 311 Perimeter rotating examination unit, permitting access from all sides.

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Haag Streit Octopus 311

  • Approval Worldwide
  • OPTICAL SYSTEM (SPECIAL/TIME, min) 30° direct projection
    INSTALLATION No dark room conditions required
  • Rotating examination unit, permitting access from all sides
  • Operation (DOOR(S)) Color LCD input screen
  • Work log counter Ongoing counting of examinations
  • Dialog language All languages available in Windows®
  • Eye monitor Infrared sensitive eye camera and video display
  • Eye fixation control Electronic eye fixation control
  • Automatic fixation adjustment Perimeter automatically adjusts for fixation loss
  • Pupil size measurement Continuous average pupil size measurement
  • Examination programs Programs G1, 32, M2, ST and LVC
  • Test Strategies Normal 4-2-1dB, Low vision, Dynamic and 2LT (Qualitative 3-zone) strategy
  • Automatic procedures Automatic test settings available for all programs
  • Stimulus sizes Goldmann III and V
  • Stimulus Intensity 0-4’800asb
  • Background illumination 31.4 / 314asb
  • Printer output USB output for connection to standard inkjet printers
  • Print-out formats Selection of 8 print-out formats, including Two-on-One format
  • Data output to PC Data transfer in conjunction with PeriTrend (option)
  • SOFTWARE UPGRADES Exchange of software module or transfer of updates from PC by CD or downloading from Internet
  • User defined programs 5 custom tests and free selection of catch trials
  • Special Perimetry Blue-on-Yellow Perimetry
  • Network connection Integrated LAN adapter with Ethernet interface
  • REMOTE CONTROL (CATHETERS/PROBES) PC control of perimeter functions