Marco Nidek LM 970 Auto Lensometer

Nidek LM 970 Auto Lensometer refurbished by Vision Systems

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Marco Nidek LM 970 Auto Lensometer

The Marco Nidek LM 970 Auto Lensometer features cost-effective high performance, auto read function. Easy operation: automatic power adjustment and cylinder axis calculations. Progressive power lens measurement available: screen promptings permit easy progressive power measurement. Data communications: easy data communication interface with auto optometry system and AR-660A Auto refractometer.


The Marco/Nidek LM 990A Focometer Evaluates Automatically The Dioptry Strength Of Optic Spectacle Lenses, Even For Multifocal Glass.

The Marco/Nidek LM-990A Automatic Lensmeter Measures Monocular And Binocular PD Automatically. It Measures Progressive Lenses Faster Than Ever, And Can Measure Your Most Difficult Lenses With Ease. The LM-990A Is Very User Friendly, And Will Be Very Simple To Train Your Technicians On Its Use.

 Marco/Nidek LM-990A Features:

Accurate And Consistent Readings
Easily Measures Difficult Prescriptions, Prism, Etc.
Monocular And Binocular PD Measured Automatically
Built-in Printer Function