Marco OPD II Scan 10000

Marco OPD II Scan 10000 by VSI the 3-D Wave combines three advanced technologies.

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Marco OPD II Scan 10000

The 3-D Wave combines three advanced technologies —plus wavefront analysis—in one easy-to-use refractive diagnostic workstation. Now, with a single device, you can obtain refraction, corneal topography, optical path difference (OPD) and wavefront analysis.


The 3-D Wave allows you to evaluate your patient comprehensively, perform refractive and cataract surgery screenings, evaluate postoperative complaints, and determine pathology diagnoses. In short, the system gives you vision diagnostic capabilities that in the past were simply unavailable.

With the remarkable 3-D Wave, Marco gives you an instrument that can evaluate the patient’s total visual system. Measuring both low- and high-order aberrations on a single axis, the 3-D Wave gives you the power to diagnose patient complaints that simply would not be diagnosed before.

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