Humphrey ZEISS HFA II 740i Perimeter

ZEISS HFA II 740i perimeter features include: 40GB Hard Drive, Standard Sita package, Blind Spot and Video Monitoring.

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ZEISS Certified Factory Authorized Humphrey ZEISS HFA II 740i Perimeter


VSI is proud to offer the Certified Factory Authorized Humphrey ZEISS HFA II 740i perimeter, with features such as a 40GB Hard Drive, Full Standard Sita package, Blind Spot and Video Monitoring, Optional HFA Pro and Guided Progression Analysis or GPA, Powered Table Top and Laser Jet Printer. Vision Systems Inc. is ZEISS a Certified Factory Direct Dealer.

 ZEISS HFA II 740i Perimeter

Humphrey Zeiss HFA II 740i Perimeters

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