Digital Topcon 50X Fundus Camera

Digital Topcon 50X Fundus Camera from VSI feature easy image drag-and-drop inserting.

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Digital Topcon 50X Fundus Camera


Topcon 50X Mydriatic Camera with Digital Conversion.

Imaging Software Features:

  • Automatic Image Acquisition
  • Easy image drag-and-drop inserting
  • Image Editing and Manipulation
  • Image Contrast, Brightness, Gamma, and Sharpening
  • Image Annotation
  • Image Comparison
  • Side-by-Side Display for Stereo Pairs
  • User-Definable Contact Sheet Building
  • Side-by-Side Display for Comparison of Multiple Visits
  • Cup-to-disk Ratio Measurement
  • Automatic PDT drawing and analysis
  • Linear Distance, Area and GLD Measurement Tools
  • Image-to-Image Registering and Concurrent Drawing
  • Magnifying Glass Tool, Automatic Zoom Tool, Negative Image Tool and many more
  • Efficient backup and restore mechanism
  • Direct burning to CD and DVD
  • Customizable printout support
  • Easy .jpg Export Tool for Power Point Presentations and Export to any destination you choose
  • Network with multiple workstations for viewing in other locations
  • DICOM image processing support to communicate with your EMR, PACS or practice management software application (optional)

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