Canon CR6 Digital Fundus Camera

Canon CR6 Non Mydriatic Retinal Fundus Camera by VSI with Digital Upgrade.

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Canon CR6 Digital Fundus Camera


  • Full screen capture. Most software packages capture very small images, making it impossible to determine if those images are clear and in focus. Our images fill the entire screen when you acquire them.
  • Inputting patient information is as easy as typing last name, first name, DOB, then entering twice.
  • Our network software is designed to be the fastest available no matter how large the database.
  • HIPPA compliant
  • Flexible print features including the ability to zoom an image and then print it.
  • Easy to use stereo optic nerve review and you can save the images as stereo pairs and print them.
  • Red free, monochrome, negative, orientation tools.
  • Annotation, CD ratio measurement and caliper measurement tools.


  • Canon 12.8 megapixel Digital Camera
  • Adapter, Computer
  • Monitor
  • Printer
  • Software

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