Burton XL 4000s Complete Lane Package

Vision Systems presents the Burton XL 4000s Lane Package.

Complete Package Includes:

  • The Burton XL 4000s Chair
  • The Burton XL 4000s Stand
  • The Burton BR 8500 Phoropter
  • Goldman 870 Applanation Tonometer
  • The Burton SL3MZ Slit Lamp
  • Accutek ST 2000 Stool
  • Burton ClearVue Acuity Panel
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Burton XL 4000s Complete Lane Package


Chair Features:

  • Multi-Function chair & Unit Elevation Control
  • Chair is fully flexible, rotating, and reclinable.
  • The seat is polyurethane filled for the ultimate seating pleasure. The headrest is adjustable with a single locking lever.
  • Movement control is powered with a quiet, German DC-Marked motor. Rotation is a full 180 degrees.
    Incline can be controlled from both the chair side and control panel. Installation can be for either right hand or left hand operations.
  • The foot switch has fluid movement total positions up, down, front, back and return.

Stand Features:

  • Modular slit lamp arm for ease of installation and maintenance.
  • Quiet, smooth electrical operation of both the chair and the slit lamp arm.
  • Instrument Wells with Charge Indicator
  • Variable Overhead Lamp
  • Power & Intensity Control on Stand
  • Motorized Adjustable Instrument Arm. Additional Arm & Chair
  • Adjustment Switch located on Arm (to facilitate wheel chair patients diagnosis)


Accutek-ST-2000-Stool-backThe Accutek ST 2000 Stool
Provides doctor/patient with comfortable seating during examination. Pneumatic assist cylinder with 5 wheel leg for stable support.





Burton BR8500 Phoropter

The Burton BR8500 manual refractor has an attractive design and a comfortable feel to make the refraction process more relaxed. All the lenses are coated in high-grade plated film which eliminates any glare or ghost images.




Burton-SL3mz Slit LampThe Burton SL3mz combines traditional design with superior optics, SL3mz will be a welcome addition to your practice. In addition to the above products mentioned, you also get the Goldman 870 applanation tonometer with your lane purchase.




Burton CleaVue Acuity Panel

This Complete New Burton Examination Lane Package includes the All New Burton ClearVue Digital Acuity Chart. Nothing impresses a patient in your exam room better than the feeling of a modern eye exam.



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