Burton SL-3MH Slit Lamp

The Burton SL-3MH slit lamp surpasses expectations with its quality optics, manufacturing and design.

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Burton SL-3MH Slit Lamp

The Burton SL-3MH slit lamp surpasses expectations with its quality optics, manufacturing and design. Made of the finest bronze, aluminum and superior quality optical crystal, the SL-3MH delivers incomparable durability as well as excellent performance. Practitioners will truly have complete control when selecting the SL-3MH.

Features of the Burton SL-3MH Slit Lamp:

  • Haag-Streit Style Tower Illumination
  • Galilean Optical System
  • Three-Position Revolving Drum Magnification
  • Large Binocular Field-of-View
  • Seven Available Aperture Diameters
  • 12.5x Eyepieces
  • Four Built-in Illumination Pathway Filters
  • LED Fixation Target
  • Slit Angle: 0° to 180° continuously adjustable from vertical to horizontal
  • Continuous Slit Rotation, Plus Tilt Mechanism
  • Microscope Arm-Locking Knob
  • Illumination Arm-Locking Knob
  • Chin-Rest Elevation Adjustment Knob
  • Joystick with Shot Button
  • Add on Beam Splitter, Tonometer and Video

Haag-Streit Style Tower Illumination

The SL-3MH utilizes a Haag-Streit Style Tower Illumination System that sits above the observation system, allowing the illumination column to be decoupled in the vertical meridian. Allows greater flexibility when minimizing unwanted reflections during gonioscopy and increases the peripheral field of view during indirect ophthalmoscopy.

Galilean Optical System

The advanced optics in the SL-3MH offer excellent performance as well as the flexibility to connect technologically advanced imaging systems. A revolving drum allows for quick change of magnification, while an optional beam splitter allows for video camera attachment.

Three-Position Revolving Drum Magnification

The Burton SL-3MH offers a three-position drum magnification that can be easily switched throughout the exam. Using the conveniently located knob, the unit offers total magnification ratios equivalent to 10x (Ø22mm), 16x (Ø13.5mm) and 25x (Ø8.5mm) with the 12.5x eyepiece.

Pupil Distance and Diopter Adjustment

The SL-3MH features an adjustable prism box that allows practitioners to easily set interpupillary distance from 52mm to 78mm. Using the unit’s carefully-designed rings, diopter also can be precisely adjusted to ±6D.

Brightness Control and Outstanding Binocular Field of View

The Burton SL-3MH features a brightness dial that offers practitioner’s complete control over light intensity. The unit’s Galilean Optical System also offers a very large binocular field of view of Ø22mm, Ø13.5mm and Ø8.5mm with the 12.5x eyepiece. The illumination light can also be decentered by loosening the centering knob and swinging the slit width control knob.

Outstanding Luminance with Built-in Filters

The SL-3MH utilizes a 6-volt, 20-watt halogen bulb that provides outstanding luminance. Using the selection lever, practitioners can choose from four built-in Illumination Pathway Filters. Options include a heat absorption filter that aids in patient comfort during lengthy exams, a red-free filter that enhances structural contrast, a cobalt blue filter for use in fluorescein assessment, and a grey filter.

Continuous Slit Rotation and Aperture Adjustment

With the SL-3MH, practitioners can modify slit width continuously from 0mm to 14mm. The slit becomes a circle at 14mm. The slit height also can be changed continuously, from 1mm to 14mm. Seven aperture diameters (14mm, 10mm, 5mm, 3mm, 2mm, 1mm, 0.2mm) provide a clear, broad field of view. The easy-to-use controls on the GR-36 allow you to rotate the slit image at any angle in the vertical or horizontal direction, from 0° to 180°. Four steps of slit inclination—5°, 10°, 15°, 20° — also are available for oblique illumination in contact lens evaluations.

Integrated Joystick with Shot Button

The integrated Joystick is simple to control and allows operators to acquire sharp images. The base operation of the SL-3MH offers the following movements to provide flexibility, comfort and precision—longitudinal movement to 90mm; lateral movement to 100mm, fine movement to15mm and vertical movement to 30mm. The joystick moves horizontal for fine-tuning and vertical for height and target alignment. Once you achieve the proper alignment, the base can be locked to prevent sliding.

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Type: Galilean Type Magnification Change Three positions revolving drum Eyepieces 12.5X Angle Between Eyepieces 13° Total Magnification Ratio 10X, 16X, 25X Pupilary Adjustment 52mm ~ 78mm Diopter Adjustment ± 6D Field of View 25X(Ø8.5mm), 16X(Ø13.5mm), 10X(Ø22mm)


Slit Width Continuously variable from 0 to 14mm (at 14mm, slit becomes a circle) Slit Length Continuously variable from 1 to 14mm Aperture Diameters Ø14mm, Ø10mm, Ø5mm, Ø3mm, Ø2mm, Ø1mm, Ø0.2mm Slit Angle 0° – 180° Slit Inclination 4 steps: 5°, 10°, 15°, 20° Filters Thermal Safety, UV, Red Free, Cobalt Blue Light Source Option of LED or Halogen Lamp Lamp 6V/20W Halogen Lamp

Movement Base

Longitudinal Movement 90mm Lateral Movement 100mm Fine Base Movement 15mm Vertical Movement 30mm

Chin Rest

Vertical Movement 80mm Fixation Target RED Led


Input Voltage 220V/110V ~±10% Input Frequency 50Hz / 60Hz Power Consumption 30VA (max)

Output Voltage

Light 6V Fixation 3V

Dimension and Weight

Dimension 740mm x 450mm x 500mm Total Weight 25Kg Net Weight 24Kg